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'SHE IS' Reviews!

The talented Chris Rokita, introduces himself simply as ROKITA and presents with his song and video “She Is”, an exciting way to spread the flow of rock, providing listeners with a unique moment of relaxation and sound pleasure. In the energetic colors brought by the guitar, we will find the position to dive in, satisfying our need to swim in a light and carefree composition. With tones modeled on the power of pop rock, impregnated with synthesized vibrations to generate a relaxed and light atmosphere, full of contagious energy and pleasant colors to accompany, instigating the desire to hug your loved one and dance around the house. The lyrics work, in a lyrical way, on the perceptions of a man who tries to understand how women think, providing us with fun and perhaps, a little true, verses and thoughts. The clip is energetic, mixing images from a presentation with the protagonist's reflections in his bed, highlighting the message and reflecting the minds of many viewers. Bordering on eternal disarray between couples made up of men and women, the plot makes us remember and smile at the familiar marks of these relationships and realize that their flows are shared by everyone, regardless of nationality. She Is” is a vivid work that invites the mind to play with the colors of relationships.’ ~ Roadie Music



Rokita, the musical persona of the multi-talented Chris Rokita hailing from Frankenmuth, Michigan, showcases a diverse array of influences stemming from his upbringing immersed in bands like Iron Maiden and Poison. With an emphasis on exceptional guitar work, Rokita’s repertoire covers various genres and styles and is a testament to his talent as a songwriter. His latest release, ‘She Is,’ is an infectious, high-octane punky-pop-rock anthem that grabs hold of your senses from the first note. The vocals ride atop a wave of intricately woven guitar riffs, reminiscent of the raw energy found in Clinics’ ‘DP’ or the rebellious spirit of Iggy Pop’s ‘Wild One.’ While the vocals echo shades of Frank Black’s artistry, the music bursts forth in a whirlwind of spirited power pop and pop punk. Amidst the frenzy, discerning ears can catch glimpses of vintage rock ‘n roll influences that infuse the song with an irresistible energy. The song’s lyrical narrative offers a humorous take on the eternal struggle of understanding the enigma of women, with Rokita graciously crediting his wife for inspiring this playful composition. The accompanying music video adds another layer of amusement, portraying Rokita at 3am, tangled up in late-night thoughts about his partner, ending with a funny twist that jokes about guys who are the same emotional drama queens as women-when he wakes at 4 am and his wife says “Shut your mouth, you’re crazier than me!”  Rokita’s commitment to making boundary-defying, uplifting music is limitless and creates an auditory euphoria. The production quality is top-notch, with a seamless harmony between instruments and vocals that allows the scintillating guitar solos to take center stage. If you need a mood lift, ‘She Is’ by Rokita is your go-to. This buoyant track guarantees a grin with its witty lyrics, while its spirited tempo and fervent guitars will have you on your feet, dancing to its infectious beat in no time.’  ~ The Indie Grid


Lively and intense! These are some of the things that we can experience with the intrepid style of the band “ROKITA”, the combination they have made between Punk and Pop is extremely graceful, with their single they allow us to have a fun exploration where Each chord is responsible for fueling our energy, you may not reach a burst of euphoria, however, you will be able to feel a positive vibe that will make you feel encouraged and ready to get out of your seat with a lot of impetus, the guitar riffs are super contagious and They will make you feel completely excited, not to mention that you will most likely identify with it when you hear its interesting premise.“She Is” is a song that shows us the world of a man who tries to understand the world of women, his funny observations are very right and his eloquence manages to capture the enormous affection we have for our partners despite how incomprehensible they are. be for us, so this great topic will remind us how indispensable girls are in our lives, so don't miss this formidable adventure. We know that you will love their composition so we remind you to follow this band through their digital platforms to hear more of their available songs.’ ~ End Sessions



Chris Rokita, an exceptionally talented artist from Frankenmuth, Michigan, showcases his remarkable range of skills in his latest track, “She Is”. Versatile and dedicated In this song Rokita shows off his skill as a songwriter, arranger, producer, and singer. In this piece, traces of his background can be seen–he grew up in a musical vacuum but is rich in self-taught skill and experience. Rokita values the emotional depth and classic rock influence in “She Is.”The track combines the energy and guitar-based sound of bands such as Iron Maiden and Poison with a modern, upbeat flow. The outcome is a song that not only reveres the spirit of classic rock but finds its place solidly alongside modern music as well; a tune for all ears. The most compelling thing about “She Is” is that it induces a sense of euphoria.Every note and lyric in the song has an impact, thanks to Rokita’s skillful sound design and production techniques acquired through years of collaboration with such artists as Robert Lee Balderrama and Liliana. Rokita’s expressive vocals and the rich, layered instrumentation provide a journey through emotional landscapes of all kinds. Chris Rokita’s life has been devoted to music, and “She Is” is the crowning glory. It’s a testament to his ability to draw on many sources and experiences, creating a sound that is at once familiar and politely unfamiliar. Therefore, “She Is” is a must-listen for lovers of classic rock and those looking to get an inspiring spiritual experience. It’s a beautiful example of how passion, persistence, and imagination can combine to produce something truly inspiring.’ ~ Beach House


Hailing from Frankenmuth, Michigan, Chris Rokita, known professionally as ROKITA, is a multi-talented songwriter, arranger, producer, recording engineer, sound designer, singer, and visual artist taking multi-talent to new heights, embodying the essence of a versatile and self-made musician. Operating independently under his own label, CARokita Music LLC, he stands out as a non-major label artist with a unique voice in today's music scene. "She Is" marks Rokita's latest venture. Released on Friday, November 10, 2023, the single has stirred up excitement with its catchy, irresistible melodies, and with good reason too! At its core, "She Is" is a playful exploration of the complexities of understanding women's perspectives, conveyed through Rokita's engaging lyrics and dynamic composition. It's very reminiscent of America's Bowling For Soup's, 00s punk pop fun. A song for everybody, the fun tongue and cheek nature of the track will cause a stir with its catchy strums and guitar solos, along with the tongue and cheeky vocals. The song's production, recording, and engineering were meticulously handled by Rokita himself, with mixing by Carlos Villalobos and mastering by Christian Wright at Abbey Road Studios adding the extra oomph to components to create such a clean finished production. The song's vibrant energy and relatable capture the spirit of fun and introspection making it a must-listen for fans of pop-punk rock and classic rock alike while offering a fresh take on familiar sounds.  ROKITA's music embodies the essence of classic rock from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, alongside influences from popular metal bands like Iron Maiden and Poison. Through 'She Is', we're given a loose and fun track that many will return to again and again.  Looking ahead, ROKITA's dedication to exploring various genres, instruments, and languages ensures that his future projects will continue to surprise and delight his audience. With "She Is," Rokita has set the bar high for himself and the industry, promising more exciting and innovative music to come. So head over to the link below or the video above to have a little fun!’ ~ Headbangers News



Between laughter and enjoyment, the new song “ROKITA” has made us feel very good, there is no doubt that the best way to sympathize with people is to be yourself and this band gives us that example, their structures in the bars make of this simple one unforgettable. The truth is that his song “She Is” is a piece that many men will be able to identify with, addressing these differences between the female and male genders we will be able to see those gaps that divide each gender, the perspective with which we will enjoy this song is from the male perspective, with a satirical tone that both genders will like a lot because it releases open truths and it is always great to take things with good humor, the skill of this group is neat for Rock Pop and Punk, This gives immense value to the band so you will surely want to remember a little of the chords of yesteryear, so don't stop yourself and relive the good times right now. We have already had a good time with the “ROKITA” band and we want you to also have a cool moment to have fun with reality, this single contains great rhythms and a very unique story, but better check it out for yourself! ~ Pop Punkers



Great job again Rokita!! An anthem of resilience! Your rock masterpiece exudes strength and positivity. The powerful instrumentals and uplifting lyrics combine to create a musical journey that inspires and invigorates. We will add it to our new list, Cheers!~ Rock Al Palo 

Hello Rokita, it's a pleasure to listen to your new track. Thank you very much for giving me the privilege to go hand in hand with your creations and to keep getting to know more of your musical project; that excites and motivates me. Here are my impressions for this new song: "She Is" I loved it, I liked it, it's a fascinating track that follows the line of exciting and suggestive Pop/Rock style that already distinguishes you. I am pleasantly surprised by the variations you have incorporated, such as the more melodic touches of the guitars and the vocal, which add an element of sensitivity to your style. The music of the song is characterized by its infectious energy and distinctive punk-pop style, where the emotive guitar riffs stand out, simple but effective, creating a catchy and easily recognizable sound. The energetic drums and solid bass fused with the clear and distinctive vocal that delivers the pleasant message of the lyrics, contribute to the exciting dynamics of the song, which combines the energy of punk with catchy pop melodies, creating a distinctive hybrid for its past influences, which resonate emotionally and with good style. Good, very good! "Rokita", your brilliant voice stands out again with an emotive and authentic vocal performance, making a wonderful delivery of the lyrical message. The vocal interplay created, maintains the consistency of the style you are known for and I consider it an integral part of the sound you are confirming in each track. The direct and unpretentious delivery adds authenticity to the song. and the vocal harmonies between the narrative and the music are a distinctive feature that contributes to the appeal of the track and the particular aesthetic of your compositions. braavoo! In summary, I consider "She Is" to be a magnificent proposal that shows the power of a distinctive style, fertilized by wonderful traditional Pop/Rock influences. I think that this new song endorses your musical development process, through good music, well-structured emotional lyrics and the vocal that dominates the genre; ideal elements to capture the attention of young audiences and receive good reviews. I will gladly incorporate the track to my "ZORA'S PLATINUM" Playlist on Spotify and to my social networks on November 23, 2023; I am sure it will please my listeners and followers and through them a wider audience. CONGRATULATIONS, success and see you next time, "Rokita". ~ Platinum/Platinum


Sympa ce titre ! je vais l'ajouter à ma playlist Diskcover sur Spotify afin que mes abonné.e.s puissent également le découvrir ;) ~ Khal Ali


'Hi! Thank you for sharing your wonderful single. This is an energetic and infectious track that combines elements of pop and rock influences to create an exciting atmosphere. The melodic accompaniment has quite an energetic rock sound, which is created by pronounced guitar riffs, powerful bass sound, and dynamic drums. Bright, catchy melodic vocals sound great. Pleasant and catchy, it gives the song a positive vibe. This is a well crafted piece of work and a great performance. I really appreciate the hard work of the whole team working on this track.’ ~ Chillout Vibe Music

Rokita's "SHE IS" is a vibrant power pop/rock anthem that draws inspiration from the energetic sounds of Blink 182, Weezer, and Fountains of Wayne. It's a lively party song with a catchy edge, narrating a man's amusing struggle to comprehend the enigmatic thought process of women. The driving force behind this fun and spirited track is none other than the artist's wonderful wife, adding a personal touch to the narrative. Influenced deeply by the classic rock music styles of the 60s, 70s, and 80s, Rokita brings a timeless quality to "SHE IS." The echoes of classic rock's energetic and melodic nature weave seamlessly into the contemporary power pop/rock framework, creating a sound that is both nostalgic and fresh. As an artist, Rokita is dedicated to crafting "feel good," "inspirational" music that transcends specific genres, instruments, or languages. The ethos of his musical endeavor is to uplift and inspire, offering listeners a positive and enjoyable experience. "SHE IS" encapsulates this mission, providing a soundtrack that not only entertains but also resonates on a personal level. Rokita's introduction emphasizes a commitment to creating original music that inspires and makes people "feel good." With "SHE IS," he successfully achieves this goal. The infectious energy of the track, combined with its relatable theme and nods to classic rock influences, creates an engaging sonic experience. Rokita's passion for making a positive impact through music is palpable, and "SHE IS" stands as a testament to his dedication to spreading joy and inspiration through his musical endeavors’. ~ Portal Famosos Brazil


The song has an engaging style, and the mood you've created is striking, varied, and powerful, something that always stands out in the listening person, an excellent resource. Let's continue going down this path as it is very promising and shows the type of high-quality artist making this music. I hope to keep on listening to this stuff from you. I will add this song to my new playlist featuring new-generation artists with excellent potential like you. Congrats! I hope to listen to more tracks from you in the future’ ~ Koala Mix


What a contagious vibe in “SHE IS”! This track really captures that vibrant, upbeat essence that makes the song a true celebration. It's incredible to see how you channeled influences from bands like Blink 182, Weezer and Fountains of Wayne to create something unique and engaging. The atmosphere of party and fun is palpable, and it's clear that this song is an authentic expression of the joy that music can bring. The inspiration coming from his wife adds a lovely personal touch to the song's narrative, connecting with listeners on a more intimate level. Classic rock influences from decades past are present, but it's fascinating to see how you incorporate them in a contemporary and energetic way. This gives the track a timeless quality that can appeal to a wide range of audiences. His dedication to creating music that inspires and provides a positive feeling is truly admirable. In a world where we often face challenges and difficult times, having a source of music that lifts the spirits is more than welcome’ ~ Punk Goes Pop


'Wow it's very good, congratulations! I'm gonna put this song on my playlist and soon it will be transmitted on my radio show! ~ Good Vibrations Radio


Hey, Rokita! Thanks for reaching out and sharing your amazing tune with me. I enjoyed it 🎶 Will definitely give it a share to my "Sunset Afternoon Vibes" playlist 🙌’ ~ BYAS EU Spotify & Apple Music Playlists


Olá! A canção e o clipe são maravilhosos, divertidos e a atuação cômica ficou ótima. Vou adicionar a canção na minha playlist Indie Rock por um período inicial de 30 dias. Muito obrigado por enviar a sua canção Tudo de bom’ ~ Cental Playlists


Good morning, Excellent title, well done! We like this kind of music on Radio Saint-Dié and we are happy to have your song featured on our radio. Your title will be shared on our Facebook group’ ~ Radio Saint-Dié


Dearest Rokita, a new release from you, yay! This track is also very engaging and full of energy. The guitars are the absolute stars of this track: they are very fun in the accompaniment and exhilarating in the solo parts. Your singing, always very natural, is absolutely a guarantee of an unmistakable style! Very nice video as well! A dear greeting!’ ~ The Hands Edition

Hey again guys, this track was a riot and a lot of fun with some perfect energy and I dig the video. We're going to go ahead and post that video to our blog and let you know once that's up. Thanks guys’. ~ Rag Talent


Hi again guys, thanks for submitting more music! Such a brilliant song! Good vibes, fun, catchy and I just loved the guitars and vocals, especially the more spoken parts! Will be added to our radio's database to be played in between shows and I will also share it with my colleagues, so they may play it too on their shows. Keep on rockin'!’ ~ Ze Rock Porto

Hi Rokita, wow, great to hear you here again. Thank you very much for choosing us for the sixth time, this strengthens us to continue supporting the independent scene around the world. Another incredible song, we love this one. You are a great artist, I liked the music video too, very good. This song is another gift for us, thank you. Great chorus, exciting, good energy. High quality, excellent vocals, the recording and production are excellent as always, everything is perfect. Wonderful vocals, incredible quality. We will play in two weeks on Thursday at 9PM Brasilia time on the radio show Alternativa Groover. We will play on other radio shows too. I will share it with my team and in message groups. Let's go together, long live independent music. Songs like yours motivate us to keep playing independent artists :) Thank you very much, forever grateful. Hugs from Brazil. Cheers.’ ~ Radio Alternativa Rock

Hey there! How's everything going for you today? I just had to reach out and tell you – we're totally in love with the song you sent us. It's been on repeat in the office, and honestly, it's just awesome. The melody, your voice, everything about it is just spot on. We can't wait to share it on our socials and let everyone else in on the magic. And hey, don't stop sending us your music. Your sound is something special, and it deserves a big audience! Keep doing what you're doing – it's brilliant. Hope the rest of your day is as amazing as your music! ’ ~ Hubb UK


Hey there, thanks for submitting again! The song carries a lively and upbeat tempo, with infectious melodies and a rhythm that encourages dancing and singing along! The theme of a man's amusing struggle to understand how women think is portrayed here through witty and relatable lyrics, creating a fun and light-hearted narrative. Inspired by classic rock from the '60s, '70s, and '80s it has the elements like guitar riffs, catchy hooks, and arrangements reminiscent of that era. Overall, it's a fun party song, that sets a fun celebratory mood, drawing listeners in with its catchy hooks and high-energy performance. Loved it!’ ~ Oghamyst Music

Hello again Rokita! Thanks for sharing your work with us :) 'SHE IS' is a very interesting and cool song. Good lyrics and vocals. Congrats :)’ ~ Vitrola Play


Hey, this was pretty fun I had a great energy to it. I really enjoyed the video and will post that on the blog soon as we get a chance. Thanks so much for the tunes guys. Keep It Up’~ The Sound Won’t Stop


Hello Rokita, thanks for another submission 1) Cool music video! 2) The mix of the song is great, the music is sounding really good. 3) Nice instrumental, solid. 4) I like the way the singer sings, its funny and matches the song 5) Thats a nice song! I will share it on my Cafe playlist for 15 days Edu ~ Eduardo Pastore


lá, como você está? Incrível sua melodia, a sensação que você transmite através dela é algo que nos conecta de uma forma imensurável. Os tons que você coloca na melodia que lhe deram esse alívio. Envie-nos suas fotos, você foi escolhido pela musicalize para fazer parte do TOP 9 ARTIST da lista da semana, e seu @. O post irá para o nosso instagram! Attn Jonas Souza. Diretor Administrativo. Plataforma Musicalizar’ ~ Musicalizar


Buenos agudos en la canción que son agradables, la fuerza vocal es buena en los momentos que exije la canción.’ ~ Black and White


'Hello Rokita, how are you? The song is really good and has a vibe that reminds me a little of the 80s, the instrumental is great and energetic, great bass, drums and guitar, the timbres are beautiful and I liked the energy, I loved the guitar solo. The structure and melody are really good, I really liked the vocal performance, which has a beautiful timbre and they sing with a lot of energy, congratulations. Song added to the Only Indie Music playlist for three months and shared on Instagram.~ Only Indie Music


'Hey, my friend, it's always a pleasure to come across you and listen again! As usual, another good song. It's cool to see that you're staying strong and that the production is still going strong! Man, no beating around the bush and getting straight to the point, as in the previous reviews, I take on once again the commitment to include and ensure that your song stays in my playlist for at least 15 days, okay? I genuinely hope it's been enough to help you in some way. Man, thanks a lot for once again sharing your music with me; it was, once again, a pleasure to listen. It always is! Congratulations on all the great work done so far, and of course, congrats on another really cool song. As I always say, doing good work is one of the toughest tasks out there, and keeping that work at the top is for the few, and you've been doing really well at it. May you stay strong, and here's to much more ahead, lots of success always, my friend, Renato’ ~ Estudio El Papa