Breaking Out

“Breaking Out” starts out describing my life as a child.

It was a time when I was carefree and spoiled, but this made things more difficult for me later in life.

I was the youngest of 5, hence the “Motley Crew”. I was also immature, and of course very shy.

I worked full time to get through college and had a few close friends that loved cars, going to parties, and hanging out at the beach. I was under a lot of stress during this time and had profusely bad migraines that required some heavy-duty medications to get me though, hence “The Migraines that left their mark”.

It was a fight between my dad and brother that changed the course of my life. “Gave me my Spark”. I was not the model student, but this event made me think about where I did not want to go with life.

For the rest of the song, I wanted to inspire everyone to “Break Out” of their every day life and follow what you love to do. It is up to us to make the change and it will definitely not happen sitting around waiting for it to happen. Life events and people will cross our path and it is up to us to take advantage of these situations to make the most of them. Nothing is easy, so it will take a lot of hard work and time to accomplish what you want to do. It’s OK to take a break when you get discouraged - but get back on it as soon as you can, and don’t lose sight of your goals. Nothing is impossible to do!

Breaking Out Lyrics

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It all started out, at a very young age  

Watching TV, goof-in off, as life goes had it made  

Grew up in a motley crew, not really knowing much  

Young, Naive, and Socializing, just not my cup  

Working hard full time, just to get through school  

Cars, booze, parties, beaches, I thought were cool  

Then troubled waters came my way, and gave me my spark  

All the Migraines from that stress, surely left its mark  


Gonna go, and do it right this time  

No more wastin, gonna read the signs  

Going to take control, of my life  

It’s now or never, feelin the time is right  

Have everything I need, right in my sight  

My laser focus, not given up this fight  

Never gonna refuse, when I get my chance  

Time to get mov-in, gonna take my stance  


Just Hold on for the ride, don’t get caught up in the tide  

Follow your heart, don’t leave to fate, it’s up to us, just keep it straight  

Trust in others, will see you through, don’t test karma, please heed this clue  

Don’t you take the easy way out, gettin through will test your doubt