Lessons Of Life

“Lessons of Life” is a Powerful, Emotional song about finding purpose and happiness.

Everyone goes through major trials in their life and for me it was recovering from a relationship and finding love.


I am a firm believer in never dwelling on the past (Regretting), and having a plan for the future to make you happy (Dreaming)


Giving more than you take is a given, and everyone goes through mourning at some time but we need to focus on trying to be happy and for sure laughing is an important part of our well being.


For the last part of the song it’s about getting the courage to make changes in your life.

And for sure if you follow the ‘Lessons of Life’ your chances of finding purpose and happiness will surely come!

Lessons of Life Lyrics 

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You’ve got to love, You’ve got to give  

You’ve got to laugh, You’ve got to Live  

Come hear my story, from times gone by  

I was alone, afraid, no feeling to why  

With time on my hands, life slipping away  

It was beyond my control, what could I say  

Then everything changed, In a blink of an eye  

There she was, I could not deny  

I am here now, my life has meaning  

Thanks to forces, beyond my dreams  


Suffer little, and love a lot  

Take a little, and give a lot  

Mourn a little, and laugh a lot  

Regret little, and dream a lot  


Now I am back in the game  

It’s a full force action  

No stopping me now  

Keeping the traction  

I’m never looking back  

To what it was like  

Now I’m Staying  

On the other side  

Come with me, and do not hide  

You’ll see what I see, you can confide  

There will be doubts, in your mind  

The hardest part, is knowing the signs  

Our paths are immense, its ours to choose  

It’s up to us, Let’s follow the clues  

Take a chance, and change direction  

Believe me now, you can make the correction