What is music for Rokita? 

Music is an important part of everyone’s life, without music life would be dull and boring. Music spurs imagination and emotions. Music has the ability to change our mood and help us get through the day. 

When you create your music, what inspires you? 

First and foremost I am inspired by the creation of music itself and there has to be an emotional connection with the music. Starting from scratch and experimenting with different styles, rhythms and instruments. When these three things come together in unison to form a song, It’s like magic and that's what makes it all worth while. 

Secondly the lyrics are inspired by real life experiences. For example “Breaking Out” come from my childhood and “Lessons of Life” comes from finding love when all seemed lost. 

Which is the most important part, writing the lyrics or creating the music? 

I like to start with the music first to get an idea of the type of style and rhythm of the song. 

After the I have the melody and instruments, I feel the emotion that is generated by the music and try to match the lyrics to this emotional feeling to bring both the lyrics and the music together. 

What value do you give to being able to share your music with your people? 

I want my fans to hear original music and also hear a unique singing style to augment the music. 

I don’t think anyone wants to hear the same style of music over and over. I want to mix it up as much as possible while still keeping with the ‘Feel Good’ style of music. 

Your life is shared, on the one hand the United States and on the other Mexico, what does this contribute to your music? 

For sure, even though I grew up in the US, I have spent much of my time in Mexico working and visiting family. I love the Mexican culture! Food, family, fiestas, and of course the people. 

What is the message you want to project with your music? 

I want my music to inspire and make people ‘feel good’ after listening. That is my main purpose for creating music. With music I have a chance to have a positive influence on people, and for me that is very important. 

What are we going to find in your social networks? 

I am new to the social media scene so I am just starting out. 

Currently you can find me on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikToc, Twitter, Spotify, and rokitamusic.com. 

How can we learn more about Rokita Music? , 

Facebook/Instagram is where I will be sharing upcoming events and current information. 

rokitamusic.com is where you can find photos, lyrics, merchandise, song information, contact Information, biography information and Rokita Music. 

Youtube is where you can find all the Music Videos and Informational Videos about Rokita Music. 

What else is coming for Rokita Music in this year? 

I have a big challenge for my next song. 

I have several songs in the works but my next song will be in the Spanish language and it will also will have a unique Latin musical style. The Lyrics will be about the wonderful Mexican culture.