Hyperbolic Overload

'Hyperbolic Overload' Is powerful revealing rock song about being overwhelmed by the exaggerated statements or claims from media sources. The Artificial Intelligence also controls what we view and learns what we like. Instead of letting this technology control us, we need to take a step back and use it to our advantage to solve our most pressing issues. Remember that if you are watching this video it is obviously not the end of the world! Rock On!


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 I woke up this morning, Its the end today, It’s the same old news as yesterday. 

And they say it’s reaching a critical mass, Better brace yourself for the big collapse. 

Earth Baking, Banks tanking, Insurrection. Population, Poverty, Epidemic, Pollution, No solution. 

We are exposed to information saturation, Media pushing the exaggerated expositions. 

Game changing, Insane, Terrifying, Did I mention, Do this, Not that, Follow me, Pay attention. 

The dissemination of elaborations, causes distress and exasperation. 

AIs learning is the prompting my addiction, Predicting my desires causing the affliction. 

We need moderation from illuminations, Curb the temptation of instant exultations. 

No need to worry for this situation, This world is just a different creation. 

With all this communication, We are now a universal civilization. 

Lets go and use this foundation, together we can secure our salvation. 

Don’t be fooled by the incantations, If you hear this song, The end is a fabrication.